English to Korean – Bike Travel Translations List – Part 1 of 2


Useful English/Korean Expressions

1. Hello 안녕하세요.

2. Thank you. 고맙습니다. / 감사합니다.

3. How much is it? 얼마예요?

4. Where is the washroom? 화장실이 어디예요?

5. Where is the camp site? 캠핑장이 어디예요?

6. Where is the motel? 모텔이 어디예요?

7. Where is the police station? 경찰서가 어디예요?

8. Where is the hospital? 병원이 어디예요?

9. Where is the bank? 은행이 어디예요?

10. Where is the post office? 우체국이 어디예요?

11. Where is the national park? 국립공원이 어디예요?

12. Where is the jjimjilbang (sleepover spa)? 찜질방이 어디예요?





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