Malaysia Bike Touring Group – May 2016-Interview

Thanks to Mr. Rosden Rahmat for the Korea bike touring review.

What do you like about bike touring?

1. Besides touring, I am also into roadbike, mtb and duathlon. Touring gives me more time to explore scenery, appreciate local cultures and history, meeting and talking to new people, as compared to the roadbike and mtb which focus more on speed, destination and cut-off time.

What do you think of bike touring in Korea?

2. I really enjoyed cycling in Korea. The well developed infrastructure, signboard and directions are everywhere, made the Cross Country journey easy for us. I am impressed with what the Korean government has given back to their people. Building this cycling infrastructure would definitely involved huge investment, but they did it for the sake of well-being of their people and as tourist attractions. Look at how they put themselves in the cyclists shoes! They really understand the needs. And I don’t think there’s any country in this world did what Korean government has done, in terms of the distance and facilities. Not forgetting the local people, who we were in contact along the way, were friendly and helpful. Although they might face with some language barrier, they went extra miles to help us.

How was the Korea 4 Rivers national bike path network?

3. Korea 4 Rivers bikeway is awesome! I still remember that from starting till the end, we went through few phrases of scenery. At first was the park, then tunnels and then by the riverside and mountains. They have it all! Only area for improvement is the direction with the destination name. All junctions will have 4 rivers symbol, but it doesn’t tell where are we heading.
Who can enjoy bike touring in Korea?

4. Any tourer would definitely enjoy touring in Korea. I believe one day, it will become as one of the tourers’ around the world dream to do cross country. A matter of time, with the right promotion from the Korean government, it will turn out to be cyclists’ cycling heaven!

What was your experience with regards to accommodations?

5. Accommodations? In general, I didn’t face much problem finding accommodation during my touring. All accommodation are wifi provided. There’s only 1 place in Sangjubo where we arrived late at night, out of nowhere. If only I didn’t meet one cyclist who can speak English during the day time of my cycling, I might ended up freezing in the middle of nowhere! We were lucky that this guy informed us to call the nearest motel, and they came and fetched us. Imagine if I didn’t meet the guy. I can’t imagine myself sleeping by the roadside under the freezing wheather!




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