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Certification Guide

A guide to finding all the cycling Certification Checkpoints in Korea.

Want to go for the gold? Trying to become a certified cross-country cyclist in Korea? Check out our Certification Guide.

We break the Bike Certification System checkpoint-by-checkpoint. Let’s hit that cycling path and fill up that passport!

What is the Bike Certification System?

Funny you should ask. Korea builds its tourist industry one photo opportunity at a time. The government’s recreation department provides a way to document and certify every leg of your cycling journey.

Before your cycling trip, get a Certification Handbook. Inside, you’ll find a map with empty circles at locations along the cycling bike path.

As you cycle, you’ll find red checkpoint booths at every noted location. Inside, you’ll find a stamp to mark your Certification Handbook.

A picture of the Korean Bike Passport book.
Record your progress through Korea by stamping your certification passport book.

How Do I Stamp Up?

First, buy a Certification Handbook or bike passport. You can buy a copy at any of the many Certification Centers along the cycling path, including the start/end points in Incheon and Busan.

Certification Centers operate during normal business hours. We’ve marked which checkpoints have Certification Centers with a ✔️ in the listings below.

A picture of a certification stamp booth near Jeongdongjin Beach (정동진해변).
Find the stamp booths at points of interest, including Jeongdongjin Beach (정동진해변) near Gangneung (강릉시).

Second, drop by a certification checkpoint. Inside these red phone booths, you’ll find a stamp. Find the name of the checkpoint next to a dot in your passport. Run the stamp across the provided ink pad and press down on dot. Finished!

What Next?

Once you receive all the stamps for a particular bike path, you can receive a certification sticker at a Certification Center. You can stick the stickers in the back of your bike passport.

If you collect all the certifications and stamps, they’ll send you a medal. Like in the Olympics. Seriously.

The certification checkpoints appear every fifteen to twenty kilometers. These are great places to stop, refuel, and take in the view.

The Certification Centers are often a part of futuristic infrastructure projects. You might also find convenience stores inside.

About This Guide

We organized the cycling route in Korea into thirteen bicycle paths. We’ll lead you on a city-by-city tour from Incheon (인천) to Busan (부산). We’ll show you all the checkpoints and tell you where to find the certification centers.

The Korean government divvies up cycling paths differently. Throughout the whole of Korea, there are twelve networks. Some are short: Ara Waterway (21 km). Some are long: Nakdonggang Path (389 km).

We broke it down a little differently. Each route starts and ends in a city. And, you can cycle them in just one day.

But, for reference, we give the official cycling path name with each checkpoint.

Check out our Transportation Guide for more information about how to get to the checkpoint.

Bring your own ink, tissues, and scratch paper. Some checkpoint booths live far from civilization. They rarely get a quick once-over. You don’t want to find the ink pad dry after a ten-hour ride.

Wipe the stamp with the tissue, put a fresh coat of ink on, and test it on the scratch paper. You only get one chance to press that perfect stamp.

Furthermore, we show which checkpoints have Passport stores and Certification Centers with a ✔️. You can buy a brand-spanking new passport and/or get your certificate of completion at these locations.

Page numbers give you the page where you can stamp the checkpoint in your passport.

If you click on the checkpoint title, we’ll take you to the Kakao Map listing (Korean language listing). This’ll help guide you to the checkpoint from your current location.

If you click on Map in the listing, we’ll send you to the checkpoint on Google Maps.

A picture of Gangjeong Goryeong-bo dam near Daegu.
Find a certification center in Gangjeong Goryeong-bo dam in Daegu.

For reference, we provided the name of each checkpoint in Hangul (한글; the Korean alphabet). The checkpoint booths aren’t labeled in English. Match the listing with the sign and you know you’re in the right place.

Last, we didn’t list all the checkpoints and bicycle paths…yet. These are only the coast-to-coast, Incheon to Busan checkpoints. As we update, we’ll create a more comprehensive listings so you can collect them all and achieve greatness!