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The best guide to all the bike paths in Korea.

Korea built thousands of kilometres of bike paths for you to explore. From the four rivers path, to the rocky east coast, Korea by Bike gives you city-to-city breakdowns. We’ll show you where to start, end, and what to see along the way.

We grouped all of the routes into four categories: Cross-Country, East Coast, Western, and Jeju & More.

Under the larger routes, we list the official Ministry of Interior paths. These are the official paths listed by the Certification System and in your Passport Book (e.g. Nakdonggang, Ocheon, Bukhangang).

However, some of those paths are little too much to bite off in a days ride. So, Korea by Bike gives you city-to-city path breakdowns (e.g. Gangneung ⟷ Sokcho).

You the city-to-city paths in a day. Sometimes in just a few hours. Better yet, each the start and end city has an intercity bus station nearby. So, you won’t have to worry about getting home at the end of the day.



From the big city, follow four rivers through the heartland to the beaches of Busan.

East Coast

Sail from fishing villages to resort towns along Korea's rocky coastline.

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Along the western routes, you'll find bamboo forests and quaint towns.

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Jeju & More

Circle a tropical island. Ride up to the romantic city. And much more.