Ara Waterway

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The Ara Waterway Path is the shortest path.

The best way to get to the start line is by subway. Take the Airport Railroad to Geomam Station. It’s an 8 km journey to the start line.

The paths follow purpose-built bike paths. Don’t worry about trucks or cars. When you approach one of the city parks, look out for friendly picnickers and families.

Block out your afternoon. You’ll finish the path easily. At an excellerated pace, you’ll reach the finish line in an hour.


Incheon ⟷ Seoul

Start your short ride on the edge of the Yellow Sea and end in Korea's capitol.


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Ara Waterway Checkpoints

Complete list of Certification Checkpoints along the Ara Waterway path.

Ara Waterway Bus Terminals

Complete list of major bus terminals along the Ara Waterway path.