Yeoju ⟷ Chungju

Yeoju ⟷ Chungju

Go over the dam and through the weirs to get to the mountain's toes.

The Stats

An elevation graph of the Yeoju to Chungju bike path.
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← 81.1 km →

4 hrs 41 min


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Hrs: 9:00-18:00 (closed Mon.)


Detour onto road with 122 meter peak (starting at 40 meters)

raised bridge Island River Bridge 섬강교
Path splits here north. No checkpoints, no glory

Continue through some march.

Impressive view of mountains and rivers connecting

Beautiful view. sailing down the river.

Onto the main road. Beautiful raised view of the river.

Certification center.

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Certification Center ❌

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Over the hill 108 meters (from 56 meters) down the hill, and even more down onto the farm roads, farm roads turn into bike roads

The jangseung (장승) are Korea totem poles used to protect villages wooden statues of the marshes.

Breathtaking expanse of hills, infastructure, and wild flowers.

Left (East) fishing spot. Imperial Lake Country Club (임페리얼레이크). Listen closely. You might hear a hair dryer on overdrive, followed by a chest rattling whoosh! The afterburns crest over the treetops. You didn’t see that. An ecopark and a great view of Tangeum Daegyo Bridge Bridge (탄금대교).

Straight (West) raised walkway that snakes along river. Small town, then along the river. The Seven Story Stone Pagoda. You’ll also run along the Tanghumbo International Coordination Stadium (탄금호국제조정경기장 그랜드센터) built as a private sports venue, it is not a venue for official medaling rowing and watersports competetions.

Follow the road on the down by the river. Cross the bridge with another view of Tangeum Daegyo Bridge Bridge (탄금대교).

We’re in Chungju. visit Tangeumdae Park (탄금대) nice hiking. Go around back to the parking lot. You’ll find the stamp.

Chungju Light World (충주라이트월드)

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Certification Center ❌

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Time for a nessecary detour for the checkpoint perfectionists. It’s an 11 kilometer detour. But, double that for the return to 20 kilometers. The checkpoint is just before the dam. But you can continue on to the Chungju Dam Observatory (충주댐전망대).

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Certification Center ❌

Passport Store ❌

Tomorrow we head deep into the mountains of Mungyeong.

If we continue up the north path for a while, we’ll pass a few bridges and creep up a challenging hill. Let’s detour up the off-ramp of the second bridge.

If we look left, we’ll see the Dong Seoul Bus Terminal (동서울종합터미널). If we look right, we’ll see the tallest building on the peninsula.

The City of Chungju (충주)

Info about the city of Chungju.