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An elevation graph of the Nakdonggang Bike Path.
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Nakdonggang Bike Path

370.5 km

19 hrs 55 min

Paths Info

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The Nakdong River Bike Path is the longest of all paths. Over some sharp hillsides, down meandering riverbanks, this path displays the Korean countryside’s beauty all the way.

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      • 90% Bike Path

      • 5% Country Road

      • 5% Hiking Path


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Andong ⟷ Mungyeong

Breakdown coming soon! Checkpoints and stats listed.

Mungyeong ⟷ Gumi

Discover Korea's Bicycle Museum and a rural parks.

Gumi ⟷ Daegu

The shortest ride passes by Daegu, Korea's third largest city.

Daegu ⟷ Namji

Pass a centuries old Buddhist academy and climb steep hills with views.

Namji ⟷ Busan

A long stroll through a never-ending parks and path floating above river waters.