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An elevation graph of the Saejae Bike Path.
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Saejae Bike Path

97.9 km

5 hrs 53 min

Path Info

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The Saejae Bike Path is a short, but difficult. How difficult? How about two of the largest peaks one can bike in Korea.

However, there are a few rewards once you summit. Some waterfalls and gorgeous views.

More coming soon.

      • 10% Bike Path

      • 90% Country Road


More coming soon.

Chungju ⟷ Mungyeong

Hop over two mighty peaks and reward yourself with a few majestic views in this city-to-city path.


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Saejae Checkpoints

Complete list of Certification Checkpoints along the Saejae Bike Path.

Saejae Bus Terminals

Complete list of major bus terminals along the Saejae Bike Path.