Chungju ⟷ Mungyeong

Chungju ⟷ Mungyeong

Mungyeong mountain(s) mark the middle of your journey across Korea.

The Stats

An elevation graph of the Chungju to Mungyeong bike path.
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77.2 km

4 hrs 49 min


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Now that our legs are literal cycling motors, let’s hit the mountains. This day isn’t as bad as you might expect.

Just outside of Chungju, beautiful road that curls around a bend in the river. Benelvolent rock face looks down from above.

A gentle slope upwards will warm you up. Mountains surround, giving breaktaking views of the geological beautiy to come.

Waterfall with a suspension bridge across. Go for a quick hike. Glamping spot.

climb a country road and come to a straight shot through a small town.

Follow the country roads upwards to the town of Suanbo.

Sunabo (수안보)

Come to an impressive pavilion Suanbo Multang (수안보물탕공원). In front of it you’ll find the next checkpoint!

This is a resort town. Hot springs. You’ll find some overpriced hotels and resorts. Also food and banks.

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Follow a hill around the bend. Come down into farm fields. Follow a highway. Stream below.

Cross the highway and let’s get down to business. The first of two hills. 382 meters. Starting out at 241 meters, so its not too bad.

On the way down, stop by the Suok Pokpo Falls (수옥폭포). It’s just off the trail and down a walking path. Maryongcho Pokpo Falls (말용초폭포) is a little further up a walking path.

Tiny tiny town. A church, elementary school, post office open every other day of the week. You can find a restaurnt with food untouched by chain restaunts and freeze dried food.

There is a stampbooth for another bike path. But, get it anyways.

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*This checkpoint is a part of the Ocheon Bike Path.*

Let’s scale that mountain. We’re going from 234 meters to 527 meters.

Curl around the foot of the mountain and follow the jagged road upwards. Don’t worry. Walking is allowed. Breaks are allowed. The most improtant thing is to stay safe. There are plenty of rest and lookout areas every cuople of couple hundred of meters or so.

The top is a tourist spot. Find a convienince store and a restaurant. Great views of the valley on either side. And, the stamp booth.

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Rest Area Hrs: 7:00-19:30

On the way down, keep it slow. Don’t overheat your breaks or wheel. stop at the rest areas as well.

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The City of Mungyeong (문경)

Info about the city of Mungyeong.