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Jeju Fantasy

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306.4 km

17 hrs 27 min

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Jeju & More Routes includes two official Certification System paths (Jeju Fantasy and Bukhangang). You’ll need these to complete your passport book. 

The Jeju Fantasy Bike Path circles the island of Jeju. Known as Korea’s Hawaii, Jeju is a domestic destination for Korean’s looking for sunshine and beaches. The official bike path starts in Jeju city and rounds the island. Stop to check out a volcanic cone and dozens of beaches.

The Bukhangang Bike Path branches off from the Cross-Country Route, just passed Seoul. Travel from Hanam (하남) up to Korea’s self-declared Romantic City, Chuncheon (춘천).

Though the Certification System passes unique and beautiful parts of South Korea, there’s more. Much more. More Bike Paths breaks down some stunning paths.

Take a ride in Haundae, Korea’s most famous beach. Follow the beautiful river in the center of Ulsan (울산), the city where Hyundai’s are made. Complete the East Coast Route down to the seaside city of Pohang (포항).

The Bukhangang Bike Path flows with the North (Buk) Han River (Gang). You’ll find the elevation constant throughout the ride. A gradual peak in the middle of the path might slow your progress.

The Jeju Fantasy Bike Path hugs the coast of Jeju Island. A few detours inland bring you to some sharp inclines. But, it’s nothing you can’t handle.

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The Bukhangang Bike Path starts and ends far from a bus terminal. When factoring this in, the total distance to around a hundred kilometers. If you’d like to enjoy the view, assume an early morning to sundown ride. You might have to stay a night in a motel. A fast pace could finish in a day. 

Jeju Fantasy Bike Path circles Korea’s tropical paradise. At 233 kilometers, a casual rider could finish the course under three days, hills and all.

The paths listed on More Bike Paths are all one day jaunts.

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Jeju Fantasy

Jeju is Korea's Hawaii. Breakdown coming soon! Stats and checkpoints listed on this page.


Follow the North Han River through valleys and parks to Chuncheon, Korea's romantic city.

More Bike Paths

More Bike Paths include interesting routes that don't connect with the certification system.


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Jeju & More Checkpoints

Complete list of Certification Checkpoints along the Jeju & More Routes.

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Jeju & More Bus Terminals

Complete list of major bus terminals along the Jeju & More Routes.