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Preparing, fixing, and packing for your bike trip in Korea.

What’s your biggest fear? Death? Taxes? Bears? How about your bike breaking down on a mountain in Korea?

Don’t fret. Korea’s dense. Bike shops and pop-up vendors cluster around popular cycling spots. However, some bike paths bring you to half a day’s walk from civilization. And, we think that should be your last solution.

Without mongering up some fear, Korea by Bike gives you a few simple checklists. This will help you prepare, pack, and fix to prevent and solve emergencies.

Also, check out our guide to renting a bike for short and long term trips.

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Gear to Pack

A list of gear to pack, including simple tools and safety equipment.

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Prepping Your Bike

How to prepare your bike for comfort, durability, and safety.

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Quick Fixes

A few simple fixes for common bike breakdowns.

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Renting a Bike

Renting a bike for afternoon rides or cross-country journeys.