Renting a Bike

Renting a Bike

How to rent a bike shop for an afternoon, day, or week.

Have an old bike? Small bike? No bike? Trying to tackle a few hundred kilometers of grueling Korea asphalt. This guide will help you find a bike shop in Korea so you can grab a set of wheels too rely on.

Bicycle rental options abound in Korea. Rent a city bike at a local riverside park for an hour. Take a hybrid out for a spin till sundown. Borrow a road bike for a fortnight. Let’s explore the options!

A photo of an old bike shop in a historic village in Korea.
If your bike sports rust as a feature, think about renting before heading out on a hundred kilometer jaunt..

Short-Term Rental

A short, challenging path by fishing villages and seascapes. Don't forget to snap photos of the giant crab statues.

Long-Term Rental

A challenging path to the DMZ. You'll cruise passed resort towns, relaxing beaches, and more.

Short-Term Rental

Not planning a couple hundred kilometer journey? Just looking for an afternoon ride? Well, here are your options for renting a bike for a few hours.

Like every major metropolitan city in the world, Seoul offers city bike rentals. You can rent a bike from any one of their automated terminals around Seoul.

The commuter bikes rent for ₩1,000 per hour for the first two hours. You’ll pay ₩1,000 for every additional thirty minutes. Pay by credit card or mobile payment.

Bike Seoul lets you return your rental to any terminal. The on-board computer will even tell you how far you rode and how many calories you burned.


Many city parks around Korea offer hourly bicycle rentals. In Seoul, you can get a higher quality bike. Smaller cities usually have bikes best suited for an hour jaunt.

In Seoul, the Hangang Park offers twelve rental locations around the riverside parks. Yeouido Island (여의도공원) provides the most bicycles. From tandems to hybrids, choose between 1,500 bikes.

Hangang Park Rental Prices

  • Standard Bikes — 1st hr: ₩3,000; Add. 15 mins: ₩500
  • High-End Bikes — 1st hr: ₩6,000; Add. 15 mins: ₩1,000
  • Tandem Bikes — 1st hr: ₩5,000; Add. 15 mins: ₩1,000

The city of Busan offers rental shops in their parks. If you’re interested in tackling the riverside path, check out Samnak, Hwamyeong, Maekdo Ecological Parks.

Nakdong River Rental Prices

  • Standard Bikes — 1st hr: ₩3,000; Add. 15 mins: ₩500
  • Bikes For Children — 1st hr: ₩3,000; Add. 15 mins: ₩500
  • Tandem Bikes — 1st hr: ₩6,000; Add. 15 mins: ₩1,000

The cross-country start/finish line in Busan, Eulsukdo Park, offers free bicycle rentals.

Please bring a photo ID when renting. They will hold onto it until you return the bike.

To be updated.

Long-Term Rental

If you’re looking for a bike to take on the hills and mountains of a cross-country path, you have plenty of options.

You can rent from a Korea bike shop that will provide you with a full kit and valuable tips. You can also download Korea’s AirBnB bike app and rent directly from a person or store.

Bike Nara is a popular bike shop in Korea. They offer every type of bike for rent. You can rent for a day or borrow a road bike for a cross-country journey. (‘Nara’ means ‘country’ in Hangul; 자전거 나라.)

Because Bike Nara is a Giant retail store, they have a wide variety of good quality, affordable options. From hybrid to carbon road bikes, rates per day range from ₩20,000 to ₩30,000. 


If you want an extended day trip around Seoul, you can easily grab a set of wheels and zoom the nearby Han River bike paths. Just take the Seoul subway’s Line 2 or Line 6. Get off at Hapjeong Station (Exit 5).

Bike Nara also offers a one-week tour package. They’ll provide you with a toolkit, helmet, lock, and rear rack. Optional accessories include a pannier and GPS.


  • Rental Fee: ₩120,000 ~ ₩150,000 (depnding on the model)
  • Pannier: ₩20,000
  • GPS Tracker: ₩20,000

Bike Nara also will also give tons of helpful tips for your journey. You can even drop your luggage in their shop when your off tackling 4 Rivers path.

Calibur Bike is a retail Korea bike shop in Busan. They provide long-term rental options. Depending on availability, they offer Specialize, Trek, Merida, Focus, and Swift models.


Their friendly staff speaks English. Please call, or visit their store for more information about pricing and rental terms.

Calibre Bike Contact Info

If you happen to find yourself on Jeju Island and looking for a bike adventure, check out Bike Trip. They have quality, reliable bikes that’ll help you swing by every beach on the island.

Bike Trips offers various levels of MTBs, road bikes, and even E-bikes. From ₩24,000 to ₩39,000 per day, you can choose the best option for your goals.

Bike Trip also offers pickup and delivery options for an additional ₩20,000 (₩25,000 peak season). They’ll bring the bike to you, or pick it up at your finish line.

However, their shop is about 750 meters from Jeju International Airport. A bus or taxi will save you from a brutal 12-minute walk.

Other Bike Shops

Bike shops sell bikes. But, if they’ll locally owned, you might be able to convince them to rent out one of their models.

The Lycle bike renting app is Korea’s Airbnb for bikes. You can register with your email and find bicycles of all shapes and sizes for rent. The bikes can come from retail stores, renting shops, or individual people.

A screenshot of the Lycle App menu.
The Lycle App has two easy menu buttons. 자전거 장기 대여 means Long-Term Bicycle Rental. 자전거 단기 대여 means Short-Term Bicycle Rental.

The renters set their own rates based on bike type and the rental duration. You can check each bike’s stats and sizes in the app too.

You’ll find two main buttons on the Lycle App.

The second button (calendar icon; 정구독) brings you to a map that shows all of the long-term renters. Currently, they cluster in Seoul. But you can find a few more renters in Busan and Incheon.

The third button (bicycle icon; 단기대여) shows a map of short-term renters. You’ll find all manner of renting options, including city parks, individual renters, and bike shops.

A screenshot of the map on the Lycle app.
A map shows the bike rental locations on the Lycle app.
A screenshot of the Lycle app.
A pop-up window shows a pic of the bike on the Lycle app.

The app is Korean language only. The language barrier may be too much for non-Korean speakers. However, the app is designed well. You could squeeze through by taking screenshots and translating the in Google Translate.

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Renting a Bike

Renting a bike for afternoon rides or cross-country journeys.