Culture & Learning

Culture & Learning

Learning how to read, speak, and be polite in Korea.

In this section, we’ll give you an introduction to Korea’s culture.

With our language survival guide, we’ll give you a crash course in the Korean language. Learn how to read and pick-up a few phrases.

Sometimes, there’s no preventing culture clashes. You’ll be rude. Impolite. And, we’ll tell you why. We’ll break down some cultural differences between ‘east’ and ‘west.’

It’s also important to be aware of holidays in Korea. Travel and accommodations suddenly become unavailable in September and February. We’ll explain.

And, feel free to detour into our history of Hangul. Learn about how one king helped define Korea by creating a brand new writing system.

Survival Korean

A crash course in reading Hangul and picking up a few phrases.


Etiquette and norms useful to begin to understand Korea's culture and people.

Holidays & Traditions

A rundown of the major holidays and traditions in Korea.

Hangul: A Brief History

A history of a king and his invention: the written language of Korea.