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Preparing, fixing, and packing for any bike trip in Korea.

Eat and sleep. Everyone’s got to do it. We have your guide to doing it while biking in Korea.

Our Eating guide break down some common food genres and restaurants. Our Korean food breakdown even gives some tips on how to eat in Korean restaurants.

You’ll also find important info about dining on foreign and western food. And, don’t forget to check out the 24/7 luxury of convenience store meals.

The Accommodations guide recommends the best places to stay, from hostels to hotels. We’ll also provide you with the dos and don’ts of camping while biking.

Chow down!

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From Korean barbecue to meat on a stick, we'll breakdown where and how to eat while biking.

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From camping to love motels, we give you the rundown on where to sleep after a long day out riding.