A guide to eating while biking in Korea.

Riding a bike can rustle up a mighty appetite. Come noontime, you might be scrambling to find something, anything to fill the black hole in your stomach. But, what can you find deep in the back roads of Korea?

Not too long ago, old-school, sit-on-the-floor restaurants were the only game in town. Over the past few decades, along with Korea’s GDP, your options have tripled.

Burger and pizza joints hang out at corner of every city block. Chinese take-out infiltrate the most distant of outposts. Bibimbap shops (비빔밥) and convenience stores serve picnic-ready meals for those on the go.

Let’s dig in!


You'll learn the basics of what, where, and more importantly, how to eat Korean.

Fast Casual

From Chinese take-out to Korean picnic food, we'll break down quick bites for bikers.


From Coca-Cola to burgers, we'll explain all the ins and outs of comfort food from the west.

Convenience Stores

Lunchboxes and meat-on-a-stick. What can't you find along the 24/7 aisles of 7-Eleven and beyond.