Bus Booking Apps

Advanced Online Booking

If your cycling trip doesn’t land on a major Korean Holiday, you don’t have to worry about buses selling out. Grab a ticket at the bus station.

Seat selection screen on the TxBus online booking website.
Seat selection screen on the TxBus online booking website.

If your ride lands on Chuseok, Seollal, or summer vacation (July-August), book online.

For intercity buses, there are two online major booking companies. Kobus and BusTago.

The companies may operate out of different terminals in major cities. This can get pretty confusing.

However, there are also third-party websites that help aggregate the bus booking.

Here’s a breakdown.


Kobus has two apps. Unfortunately, they are both Korean-language only. Their website, however, has an English language section.

If you can muddle through the apps, you can download an e-ticket and bypass the tellers.

The intercity app covers intercity buses that might have more than one stop on it’s way to its final destination. The express app lists non-stop buses from major cities.


BusTago offers both an English language website and English language app.

The app and website do not distinguish between non-stop and multi-city stop buses.

You can download an e-ticket on the English language app. However, to check your reservation you need to switch to the Korean language setting.


TxBus helps aggregate bus listings into their English language website. They don’t have an app.

However, if you can’t find a bus route, check out TxBus. They might have intercity routes and timetables not listed by the other services.

Paying for tickets online booking is easiest with a domestic card. Some sites accept foreign cards.

Naver Search

You can find bus timetables using the Naver search engine or Naver App, Korea’s alternative to Google.

You can find bus routes by doing a quick translation of departure city. Add 시외버스 시간표 (intercity bus timetable) to your Naver search and check out the results.

Ulsan intercity bus timetable –> 울산 시외버스 시간표.