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A journey into the bike certification system in Korea.

Korea invites you to play a game. What game? How about a country-wide treasure hunt.

The Certification System in Korea is a system of checkpoints bikers can find along bike paths in Korea. Once you find the series of checkpoints, you’ll win a certificates of completion. If find all the checkpoints, you can purchase Olympic-style medals.

Our Certification guide gives you the cheat-codes you need to fill up your passport book and go for the gold. We have a complete list checkpoints, maps of all the checkpoints, and in-depth guide.

Start stamping!

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An in-depth look at the Certification System and Bike Passport.

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The complete list of checkpoints (red stamp booths) for your Bike Passport.

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Passport App

A guide to downloading and using your Bike Passport app on your smartphone.

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Maps detailing the locations of each Bike Passport checkpoint.