Cross-Country Route

Cross-Country Route

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Cross-Country Route

601.9 km

33 hrs 23 min

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The Cross-Country Route, also known as the Four Rivers Path in Korea is a diverse and rewarding ride through South Korea.

Start in either Incheon (인천) in the northwest, or in Busan (부산), Korea’s second largest city in the southeast.

Throughout the paths, you’ll follow four rivers, hop over a mountain, and discover another way of life in Korea.

K-Water, a division of Korea’s Ministry of Interior, built and maintains the bike paths. Their mission was to create a series of weirs and dams to regulate the four major rivers in Korea.

While completing the project, they added a dose of recreational infrastructure to their to-do list. By connecting and bridging local bike paths, they completed a route clear across the country.

With the exception of the Saejae route, the bike paths are only for recreation: bikers, walkers, or electric scooters. Don’t worry about cars or trucks jumping in your lane.

Be aware of large cities in peak season. Paths get crowded. Spandex clad cyclists plus meandering couples equals traffic jams and road rage.

The Saejae path follows country roads through a mountainous region. A newer highway redirects vehicle traffic through the mountain and out of your way. But, beware of locals bongo trucks and sightseeing SUVs.

      • 75% Bike Path

      • 25% Country Road


The Cross-Country Route is the longest of the routes. The official total is around 633 kilometers. Your distance may vary.

At points, paths slither down both sides of a the Han and Nakdong Rivers. Furthermore, the Nakdonggang path begins with a eighty-plus kilometer detour from the city of Andong (안동).

Your ride time is up to you.

Some marathon cyclists may complete the course in three to four days. Riding at just over 20 km/h, you’d be looking at ten hours a day. (Remember the mountain in the middle of the route.)

For a sightseeing pace, budget six to seven days. Including breaks and meals, expect to be on the path for eight to ten hours a day, at about 12 km/h. That leaves plenty of time for water breaks and selfies.

      • 633 kilometers

      • 5 to 9 days

A cyclist passes the Cloud Cyclists on the Ara Bicycle Path in Incheon, South Korea.

Ara Waterway

The shortest path starts at the edge of the yellow sea and ends in the big city.


Cross through Korea's mother city, chug through old train tunnels, and pass by history.

A picture of a cyclists descending a mountain along the Saejae Bicycle Path in Korea.


A short, challenging path up two tall peaks. Great views and quaint towns highlight the trek.


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Cross-Country Checkpoints

Complete list of Certification Checkpoints along the Cross-Country Route.

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Cross-Country Bus Terminals

Complete list of major bus terminals along the Cross-Country Route.