IMG_7752This blog is mainly for educational purposes. The goal is to provide an overview of the Korea 4 Rivers Bicycle Path Network to people who may not be familiar with it. Currently, there are over 1700 KM of new bicycle paths all over the country.

The most popular route being the cross country route from Incheon or Seoul to Busan or reverse. I really enjoyed bike touring some 6000 + KM all around Korea during the past three years.

* Korea by Bike is not affiliated with the official Korea 4 Rivers department.UPDATE: Will soon be indirectly affiliated with another non-profit entity that is focused on promoting Korea culture WORLDWIDE.

* koreabybike.com is a free educational resource for the spirit of sharing. A gift to you.

* KBB is not a travel agent. However, I will share about bike touring in Korea based on my own 6000 KM journey. For the foreseeable future koreabybike.com is for voluntarily promoting Korea as a bike touring destination.

* see the free to use blog koreabybike.biz in 2016 for services and products related to bike travel.

Questions? Questions may be asked by using the contact button (your information will not be used anywhere) or by posting a question in the comment area under any blog post. Questions and comments to the comment areas will be filtered before appearing on the blog. Questions and comments are fully welcome and encouraged. Thank-you! Brad, Founder Korea by Bike


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